SKIKO is a rapidly developing paper processing company established in Herakleion, Crete, in 1960 by Konstantinos Skyrianos.

Focus on quality and the lowest possible cost quickly led to the transfer of the company to the wider area of Athens.

Despite the harsh economic conditions of recent years and thanks to sound management and technological development, SKIKO still continues developing in its privately-owned premises that cover an area of 3,000 m2 in Aspropyrgos, Attica, Greece. The company has 20 workers.

In our premises you can find state-of-the-art production machines, which we constantly upgrade so that we can successfully manage the increasingly growing demand that comes mainly from abroad.

As for the Greek market, thanks to our privately-owned fleet of trucks, we can instantly serve our customers in Attica, while all of our customers all over the country enjoy the same promptitude thanks to the competitive contracts we have signed and still maintain for several decades now with the greatest transportation companies.

SKIKO produces and can instantly provide you with the following products through wholesale transactions:

  • Toilet tissue paper rolls – Kitchen tissue paper rolls

  • Paper napkins of all types and dimensions

  • Hand paper towels of all types: Mfold, Cfold and Zfold

  • Professional packages

    All types of paper napkins can be printed

Our company is the only one in Greece that produces and exports Espresso paper napkins (17×17).


Exclusive importer of  products  metzner

In mid-2014, SKIKO signed an agreement for the exclusive representation of the professional sanitation machines of the German company Metzger in Greece, Cyprus and FYROM.

Therefore, we can now meet the needs of our customers for products designed for maximum economy, such as:

  • Autocut paper towel dispenser or photocell dispenser

  • Toilet paper dispensers

  • Cream soap dispensers


New Products

SKIKO has added to its catalogue maid’s carts, professional mops and a series of products for professional cleaning that can meet the needs of a small cafe or a big hotel!