Get Cosmos series through a gratuitous loan for use

COSMOS-4100 b

Are you renovating your bathroom and you want to equip it with a reliable series of devices that offer maximum economy in consumption and perfect design?

Do you want to replace your existing device with a reliable device?

Because SKIKO paper processing company is the exclusive representative of the German house of Metzger and is well aware of a professional’s needs, offers the Cosmos series of devices.


They are absolutely handmade devices that fully respond to spaces with few or many visitors and offer the professionals a reliable solution.

The Cosmos series devices meet all the needs and offer a healthy environment. They cannot be stolen, while they reduce consumption and, at the same time, they are very convenient for the user and add to the decoration of the space thanks to their perfect design. You can have your own Cosmos devices either through a gratuitous loan for use or through a direct purchase agreement.

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